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Earth Works by Traxs
Site Preparation
Post Hole Drilling
Retaining Walls

Site Preparation & Excavations

Traxs earthworks can take the hard labour out of your next project. With our 4in 1 bucket we can clear and remove trees, bushes and all those unwanted plants to make way for fresh new garden beds. Traxs can spread rock for your new driveway, soil for new turf/ garden beds, mulch for the garden. Contact us for all your site preparation needs.

Traxs can undertake small excavation ranging from new driveways, footpaths,gardens, garage and shed sites. With our tracked machine digging is a breeze even the toughest grounds will not stop us with our two toothed ripper that breaks threw the ground with easy. Contact us for your tight access excavation.

site completed
site excavations
paths and rotunda project